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A need for a robust system for an effective monitoring, convergence, dissemination of alerts and action plans, performance tracking leading to inclusive, sustainable and data-driven development across different parameters. A need for a system for enabling real-time feedback and analytics for improvement and course-correction inputs for the different line departments. An integrated ICT based framework is the need of the hour to collect, analyze and identify gaps in the development. Provide real-time data collection tools and capacity building tools to be able strength the departmental staff for real and accurate data.


Since data is collected in real-time, it enables analyzing of how much data is collected and how many users have submitted data. With GIS and GPS, users can identify source from where data is being collected. Stakeholders can access the collected information across variety of mediums like the Smartphone’s, Desktop and Handheld devices. Easily collect the data online and offline and Instant Deployment of the application with unique user id for better security and report generation. Dynamic data Collection is processed and imbibed with original information such as an audio, image, or video. When Cross platform enabled apps can extract data from users, it is instantly moved to the database which clears the path for instant data analysis.