• ⋇ Market Linkage
  • ⋇ Financial Linkage
  • ⋇ Asset Management
  • ⋇ Citizen Connectivity
  • ⋇ Digital Organogram
  • ⋇ Scheme Management
  • ⋇ Grievance Management
  • ⋇ Beneficiary Management
  • ⋇ Enterprise Communications
  • ⋇ Work Flow / BPM Automation
  • ⋇ Resources Performance Assessment
  • ⋇ Project / Work Progress Management
  • ⋇ E-Learning Tools for Capacity Building
  • ⋇ Organization Resource Directory Digitalization


Welcome Progress has numerous IT tools to make the transformation to smart village easy and faster. The organizational hierarchy of departments is integrated and mapped to serve as a base for the platform. Intra and interdepartmental stakeholders of the smart village project can communicate to make implementation easier.
Work progress management tool help in tracking the progress of work under development plan drilling down to the household level. Market and employment linkages tools help in giving market access for business and employment. The scheme management system can be used as a scheme repository and recommending scheme to a beneficiary.


  • Integrated and unified platform for all aspects of the smart village project.
  • Convergence and synergies among various departments to bring holistic development of villages and transforming them to smart.
  • Improved transparency and accountability with a display of real-time, realistic evidence-based data in aggregate with analytics support of reports and dashboard.
  • Bottom-up approach toward development based on customized household and village level plan adapted to local socio-economic environment
  • Single interface for interaction between various government departments and villages for accessing services and grievances redressal
  • Policy level action based on smart villages has the potential to attract more investment to villages.
Artificial Intelligence
Smart Village Ranking
Data Analytics
GIS Reports
Geo Fencing
No Code Application Development



Location Based
Business Intelligence
Real Time Information Access
Digital Content Sharing
Instant Apps
Online / Offline
Voice Based Search
Communication & Collaboration
Instant Reports
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